About Me

I play with light

Welcome to Greenbrier Images and Video

My background is in photojournalism and video storytelling. I’ve been published in newspapers all over the country and shot weddings in many states including Colorado and Florida. Living in the beautiful hills of the Greenbrier Valley, I have discovered how to combine my background in visual storytelling with the natural scenery to produce images that will resonate for years to come. I would love to meet you and tell your love story! – Jenny Harnish


My beginnings in photography started in a darkroom in Florida watching my images appear in trays of liquid chemicals. This new found love led me to pursue photography as a profession and I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in photojournalism. I've been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.


The beauty of video is the ability to add sound and motion to images letting you relive your big day in ways still photography is limited. Videos can tell the story of the day and are easily sharable online for family and friends who were unable to attend. Our highlight videos are 3-5 min that plays like a short movie set to your favorite song.


We use Photoshop, Lightroom and Final Cut Pro to edit photos and videos. A tight edit will keep the viewer wanting to see more. Our goal is to edit with a purpose and deliver a product that will tell the story and be viewed for generations to come.